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How to Cure Bleeding Hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids are described as masses of tissue along the anal canal that has the blood vessels and made up of elastic fibers. Though hemorrhoids are considered to be an abnormal situation, they are present in everybody. But, when they become large they are considered to be abnormal.

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How Hemorrhoids Occur

There are a number of factors responsible for the development of Hemorrhoids. The irony is that most of the people are not even aware that they are suffering from Hemorrhoids symptoms. Hemorrhoids never surfaces in a couple of days. In fact Hemorrhoids are a result of past unhealthy lifestyles. It is understandable that a person cannot see the occurrence of abnormalities within the rectum area but he can at least feel these abnormalities. Most people ignore these abnormalities even after noticing them. People start suspecting Hemorrhoids existence only when they experience bloody stools and face discomfort while having bowel movement. Irritation and itching are also related to occurrence of Hemorrhoids.

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 Hemorrhoids may occur through one or more of the following ways:

Abdominal Disorders
Abdominal disorders such as diarrhoea and constipation are not the only causes of Hemorrhoids, but they are certainly among the key ones, responsible for the occurrence of Hemorrhoids. We shall elaborate on those other factors in the subsequent paragraphs.

Pregnant women are more likely to experience an attack of Hemorrhoids especially during delivery, because they exert extra pressure on the pelvic veins when pushing the baby out of the womb. Such pressure damages veins and tissues and may lead to the development of Hemorrhoids.

Tobacco Consumption
Tobacco consumption (smoking and chewing) adversely affects the digestive system and results in constipation and other diseases.

Eating Habits
Irregular eating habits and lack of a nutritious diet can also contribute towards the development of Hemorrhoids. A diet containing fibrous foods and adequate fluids helps in passing stool smoothly.

Weight Lifting
If you are involved in lifting heavy items that require you to hold your breath for long periods of time, you run the risk of over-stretching the rectum tissues and veins, and that can affect your bowel movement.

Oily and Spicy Foods
Consumption of oily and spicy foods can also contribute towards the development of Hemorrhoids. Such foods block the colon and lead to slow bowel movement. Not responding to nature's call and holding back stool for longer periods can affect colon function, increase body heat and result in Hemorrhoids.

Liver Complications and Inadequate Protein Intake
Liver abnormalities can lead to restricted bile release. Consumption of inadequate quantities of proteins is another cause of Hemorrhoids. Such low protein quantities restrict the healing process of wounds in the intestinal area and weaken the tissues.

Inadequate sleep
Inadequate sleep is also a factor that could lead to Hemorrhoids because it applies more strain on tissues and creates indigestion. General weakness leads to malfunctioning of the colon and results in Hemroids.

Unbalanced Diet
Unbalanced supply of the right vitamins and minerals to the body may also contribute towards the development of Hemorrhoids.

Obese people have to exert more pressure on their pelvic region while passing stool. Such pressure increases strain on the bowels and veins. If a tumour developes in the colon it can put extra pressure on rectal veins and lead to Hemorrhoids.
The above information should make you understand the importance of adequate sleep, good eating habits, physical exercises and a nutritious diet, etc., in preventing or getting rid of Hemorrhoids.

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Hope for Hemorrhoid Patients
The Truth: People take Hemroids to be a less harmful condition. However, internal Hemorrhoids, external Hemorrhoids and bleeding Hemorrhoids can create serious health complications.
Hemorrhoids Treatments: There are various types of therapies available for treating Hemorrhoids. The choice of which therapy to use depends on the cause and type of Hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids Symptoms: The Symptoms can vary from one person to another.
Causes of Hemorrhoids: There are a number of factors that can lead to the development of Hemorrhoids. Information given here is for preventive purposes only.
Cure: Hemorrhoids are curable if you follow the treatment carefully.
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