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How to Cure Bleeding Hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids are described as masses of tissue along the anal canal that has the blood vessels and made up of elastic fibers. Though hemorrhoids are considered to be an abnormal situation, they are present in everybody. But, when they become large they are considered to be abnormal.

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Treating Hemorrhoids

The purpose of the information presented here is to educate the Hemorrhoids sufferers on the various options open to them for the treatment of Hemorrhoids. It is advisable that you consult your doctor immediately you notice any Hemorrhoids Symptoms. This information will help you relieve yourself of Hemorrhoids up to a certain extent, before you get more appropriate treatment from the doctor.

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Early diagnosis and proper treatment of Hemorrhoids symptoms at an early stage helps you prevent the disease from worsening, and hence avoiding further possible complications.

There are certain proven and commonly used natural remedies available for treating Hemorrhoids. Usually, Hemorrhoids are treated with medications. However, recurrent Hemorrhoids and severe Hemroids require surgery. Given below are some of the common treatment options:
  • Removal of Blood Clot: In this type of treatment, the doctor removes the blood clot with the help of a scalpel or other surgical instruments after administering local anaesthesia. It is a minor surgery and can be performed in the clinic when you are an outpatient. One may experience tenderness in the area from where the clot has been removed for some period of time. The healing period for this type of Hemorrhoids treatment is shorter.
  • Rubber Band Ligation: This method of treating Hemorrhoids involves using a rubber band to tie veins in the affected area, hence blocking the blood flow towards the enlarged veins or lumps. This leads to shrinking of the lumps and results in the disappearance of Hemorrhoids after some time. Usually, this method of treating Hemorrhoids is recommended in cases where the patient has prolapsed internal Hemorrhoids. If the patient has multiple Hemorrhoids he has to undergo the procedure at least once every month. The treatment can be administered while the affected person is an outpatient. There is no need for hospitalisation or special preparation.
  • Injection Therapy: The injection therapy method of Hemorrhoids treatment is also known as ‘Sclerotherapy’ in medical terms. It is basically a procedure through which hardening agents are injected into the affected area. This hardening agent blocks the blood circulation and decreases the size of the Hemorrhoids. It is considered the best method for treating multiple Hemorrhoids.
  • Coagulation: This procedure is preferred for the treatment of Hemorrhoids that are still small in size. It involves the burning of Hemorrhoids with the help of infrared rays or electric current. Having this procedure done repeatedly results in the shrinking and gradual disappearance of Hemorrhoids.
  • Hemroidectomy: This method is also known as Hemorrhoids surgery. Generally, such surgery is performed on patients with severely painful, itchy and excessively prolapsed Hemorrhoids. It can be performed on both types of Hemorrhoids, internal and external. The procedure requires that local anaesthesia first be administered before the Hemroids are removed with the help of a scalpel of laser. One may have to get oneself hospitalised before undergoing this surgery. Recovery and healing can be of longer duration. Misadministration of Hemroidectomy can produce complications like scarring and profuse bleeding.
Your healthcare provider will recommend the right course of treatment for you after considering factors like age and cause of Hemorrhoids, and of course the type of Hemorrhoids you have.

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Hope for Hemorrhoid Patients
The Truth:
People consider Hemorrhoids to be a less harmful condition. However, internal Hemorrhoids, external Hemorrhoids and bleeding Hemorrhoids can create serious health complications.
Hemorrhoids Treatments: There are various types of therapies available for treating Hemorrhoids. The choice of which therapy to use depends on the cause and type of Hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids Symptoms: The Symptoms can vary from one person to another.
Causes of Hemroids: There are a number of factors that can lead to the development of Hemorrhoids. Information given here is for preventive purposes only.
Cure: Hemorrhoids are curable if you follow the treatment carefully.
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